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Closing Clients Group

Want the secrets of agency owners who make $10K+ a month with ease?

Become a member of this exclusive community… peek behind the scenes of how agency owners are booking dozens of calls a month… receive one-to-one guidance… and hit the $10K+ a month milestone… 

This is your exclusive invitation to be part of the cold outreach elite*.

*(While the doors of the group remain open).

Dear Agency Owner,

Can you see that little screenshot?

This is a DocuSign email confirmation.

You get one of those when your proposal is finally approved and signed by your client.

Cool, right?

Well, it’s not just a digital and legally valid signature on a PDF.

Actually, it’s more than that.

Let me explain briefly what this notification truly means…

And how it impacts your journey as an agency owner.

You see… 

When one of those little babies hits your inbox for the first time…

Everything becomes more intense...

The time stops, and…

Suddenly… everything starts to taste better.

Now imagine… 

…how much your life could change if you start to receive those confirmations at your will.

Sounds unreal?

Well, it’s not. And this group is living proof of that.

By the way…

My name is Sean Longden. 

I’m just a normal guy with a laptop and Wi-Fi connection 

And I took my agency from 0 to 20K/M in just 3 months…

Sound impressive? Let me confess something...

Besides creating a six-figure business in just 12 weeks…

What makes me really proud is that… 

…I Can Now Help Almost Anyone Do The Same! 

As long as you have, ambition, a laptop, and Wi-FI… I can show you

…how to create and scale an agency from zero to 10K month…

…by replicating my strategies, tactics, systems, and the magic of all the geniuses and magicians who have shared value with our exclusive group through recorded webinars, that members can watch back at any time!

I'm talking about guys like:

  • Devesh (aka Donvesh, Goatvesh, or whatever cool nickname his thousands of fans want to call him). Yeah, this kid got raving devotees who praise him… ‘cause he built his seven figs agency from India… with a shitty laptop and the worst internet connection. A real DON

  • James Watson The LinkedIn King can make you start to benefit from one of the less complex, fun and effective outreach channels ever invented. (With him you’ll give the first solid step to have your omnichannel lead generation machine).

  • Nick Abraham the system and automation whizz and… the man behind the autopilot of every seven figs outbound agency… in this internet corner. (You know all those things they said about making money while you sleep? Well with Nick it’s possible).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg cause…

In the Closing Clients Private Agency Group, you get first-hand access to:

  • What’s REALLY working and what’s not

  • Links and resources for the best software to use, discounts on that software as well as step-by-step guides on how to use them - DRAMATICALLY reducing the learning curve and allowing you to hit the ground running!

  • Example Video Sales Letter (VSL) that can increase your appointment rates by at least 3x as well as landing page templates

  • Your Emails and outreach messages reviewed… helping to improve messaging and implement strategies and tactics that get results!

  • Sales Call Training - an active real-time training designed to dramatically improve your confidence on calls and get you closing more clients.

  • Unlimited support. All your questions answered by guys who know what works! 

Here's the full list of channels you get access to: 

And if this sounds cool, I need to tell you… that’s not all…

With your Closing Clients Private Agency Group Membership you get other benefits…like:

  • Discounted scraping software
  • Plug ’n’ play agency target and revenue tracker
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Weekly webinars with juggernauts in the agency game
  • Paid challenges/competitions
  • The best Twitter courses at discounted prices
  • Access to FULLY trained first-line writers
  • Access to FULLY trained lead-gen VA's

PLUS the ability to affiliate and earn 50% MRR for every person you refer to the group. So not only are you getting INCREDIBLE value, you can actually earn a monthly income!

On top of all that, you’re getting:

The VIBE and the SUPPORT of a solid, positive, community of agency owners, who just like you, wanna win big.

Here's what some of the members have had to say:

Oh, BTW… Maybe You're Wondering…

So how much does it cost to access the Closing Clients Group?

It’s a fair question.

To answer that… I must say:

Just one hour of consultation with me costs… $200.

You and me talking, one on one, on the phone… for one hour… and then… it’s done.


(Nick, James, and the other guys charge no less than that for one hour… rarely when they’re available… and even Devesh doesn't do one-on-one calls).

So… the only way to peak over the shoulders of those giants is in the Closing Clients Private Agency Group… 

And you just pay…

$75 for a month of focused training, exclusive wisdom, unique tools, support, and accountability.

Oh, wait… cause there’s more…

As you may know, the key in this game is consistency.

If you want to build a profitable agency, consistency is vital…

I firmly believe that… and as a reward…

You receive exclusive discounts for longer-term memberships:

  • $190 quarterly (you save $35)
  • $340 every six months (you save $110)
  • $490 yearly (you save $410)

Oh, and you can cancel your membership at any time through Gumroad.

Easy and safe.

So, agency owner, the choice is yours.

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